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Sport forms the inner core

Posted By: John Times Read: 230 Comments: 0 16 Apr
Sport forms the inner core

The head coach of the national team of Ukraine in rowing and canoeing Yuriy Cheban shared his opinion about the sport.

"Sport is a kind of social elevator, a sports elevator. Thanks to hard work, the athlete is able to reach heights.

I always tell young athletes not to get upset if something doesn't work out for them. Sports give much more than victories and medals. It hardens and forms the inner core.

Children who play sports, well understand the basic principle of life-the struggle.

Others learn it in the queue, when someone climbs in front of you, or in the sandbox, but in sports, the understanding that life is a struggle for a place, a better place, comes much faster. Subsequently, child athletes use this principle outside of sports.

If you look at people who have achieved success, such as politicians or public figures, they have mostly had experience in sports.

That is, if a person does not manage to realize himself in sports, but he already understands the basic principles of life, he is able to transfer them to another sphere and realize himself there.

Sport is a catalyst that pushes and motivates. The sport is big and ready to accept everyone. Many people do not understand why to play sports, to give children to sports. They see other priorities, such as training.

You can study at 30 or 50. But the body gets old. Each person has his own age, when he is able to show the maximum result, when his body is at the peak of physical development. Then the fading begins.

Therefore, I urge parents to give their children the opportunity to try their hand at sports and not to neglect this opportunity themselves, " Cheban said.

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