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Sport is freedom

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Sport is freedom

Sport is freedom

This phrase is especially relevant for athletes with disabilities, because it is very difficult for them to adapt to society after their injuries. People are used to seeing those who play sports, healthy, hardy and strong. And disabled athletes are strong-minded people, first of all.

A neurosurgeon from England named Ludwig Gutman gave disabled people a chance to reach heights in sports. He was the first to introduce sports into the rehabilitation program for those with spinal injuries. He is sure that this will help to restore mental balance more quickly and return to a full life more quickly, because if you know that you are not the only one who has faced this problem, it helps to survive the shock of the diagnosis.

Now there are the so-called Paralympic Games, where there are all the same sports as in the Olympic Games. And they are held in the same place as the first ones, at the same time.

There is a federation of sports for the disabled in every country, where people with disabilities can start their own career in sports. The Federation will train disabled people in any sport of their choice at the federal and regional levels.

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