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The benefits of cycling

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The benefits of cycling

20 reasons to get on a bike

1. Extend the life

Sports improve the quality of life – this is not tired of repeating doctors and coaches. It makes sense to pay attention to the general research in this area – a major work of Norwegian scientists, who showed on a large experimental group that increasing physical activity is no less important than giving up bad habits.

Even 30 minutes of exercise a day reduces the risk of fatal cardiovascular diseases by 40%.

2. Increase stamina

A bicycle, along with running, swimming, and active walking, develops the cardiovascular system, trains the lungs, increases endurance, and increases the body's resistance to stress and disease.

Training even for 30 minutes three times a week will reduce the risk of heart disease, increase the volume of the heart, and ensure the growth of mitochondria.

3. Reduce the risk of diseases and viral diseases

Regular exercise helps to control blood sugar levels, improve the quality of blood vessels and heart function, improve hormone levels, improve metabolism, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve the condition of internal organs.

All this works to prevent infection with viruses, strengthens the immune system, prevents the development of serious diseases: diabetes, heart failure, oncology.

4. Improve sleep

American scientists have found scientific evidence of a pleasant ability to " fall asleep without hind legs." In research tests, they found that moderate or intense cardiovascular activity, which includes cycling, improves physical fitness, and this makes it easier to fall asleep and improves the quality of sleep.

5. To be safe from injuries

As a sport, cycling is less traumatic than, for example, running. On a bicycle, there is absolutely no shock load, which in runners leads to injuries to the knees, joints, to inflammation of the periosteum, and so on.

From a bicycle, there are no "black nails", strong chafing on the feet, bleeding nipples, chafed armpits, and so on.

Although the bike is connected to road traffic, so you can not completely exclude the risk of injury.

6. Build beautiful and strong muscles

Most often, the legs of cyclists, unlike the legs of stayer runners, are inflated and raised. Training and cycling improve the condition of the lower body, strengthen the leg muscles, make strong quadriceps, buttocks, tendons, joints, calves.

7. Pump the whole body

Cycling involves not only the muscles of the legs, but also the stabilizer muscles of the body, and the arms. So with a good intensity of training, you can work out the whole body.

And when you include strength training in your training program, you can get a body that is not only beautiful, but also strong and fit.

8. Lose weight

On a bicycle, it is easier to work in a low-intensity and fat-burning zone than, for example, in running.

Also, with regular training on the bike, you can not be afraid to sometimes allow yourself weaknesses in the form of desserts. They will bring little benefit to the body, but they will not be deposited on the sides.

9. Protect mental health

If you feel lethargic or lethargic, cycling for just 10 minutes will have a good effect on your mood. Exercise releases endorphins that help you feel better and reduce your stress levels.

10. Improve your sex life

On the topic of the connection between sexual life and cycling, a survey was conducted, the results of which were published by the popular foreign magazine Cyclist. He showed that among all athletes, it is cyclists who are most often considered as potential sexual partners.

Those who have already acquired a life partner, noted that cycling raises the mood and reduces the level of stress, and this has a positive effect on their personal life.

11. Feel the adrenaline rush

Experienced cyclists drive on the highway up to 40 km / h – and they certainly enjoy the speed, turns on turns and the whistle of the head wind.

So a bike is cheaper than a car or motorcycle, but a sure way to experience a pleasant adrenaline rush.

12. Become mobile

If you live in a small town where there is no public transport, or in the suburbs, a bicycle can come in handy. Especially if the fitness club is located in one part of the city 3 km away, and your favorite store is in another.

Now it is easier to use bicycles in large cities-it is a convenient, compact and mobile mode of transport.

13. Learn to navigate the terrain

On a bicycle, there is not much time and it is not quite safe to check with the navigator, so you will have to memorize the route in advance, and then repeat it, guided by the signs on the houses and signs. In the age of online maps and navigators, this is a valuable skill.

14. Pump up the reaction

The ability to quickly assess the situation and make a decision will develop along with driving around the city-among street traffic, pedestrians, cars.

The rules of cycling require driving on the roadway, not on the sidewalk, and here you will need constant attention and good coordination.

15. Feel free

Some experience of riding a bicycle will allow you to use it as a vehicle for covering long distances, for long trips, even for traveling.

The opportunity to get on a bike at the weekend and make a 60-kilometer trip to the neighboring city to the sights or far into the forest for a picnic – is this not freedom?

16. Spend time with your family

A bicycle – if every family member has one – makes it possible to get out into nature together, for a picnic or for mushrooms, to go to a distant lake in a neighboring village or to go to the dacha to my grandmother. At the same time, no one will have to walk a lot, and you can still go far from home.

17. Strengthen relationships

Going out on a bike together is a great way to socialize, test and strengthen relationships with friends or loved ones. It will also be a general adventure that will require some physical effort.

18. Check the running route " on wheels»

It is relevant for those who are engaged in both running and cycling. If you are bored with the routes near your home or want to master the forest trails, or maybe arrange an ultra-long training session-first of all, we build and test a new route on the bike for cross-country ability and mileage.

19. Save time

Cycling is much faster than walking or running. And often-than even by car. The bike does not stand in traffic jams, it does not need to look for a parking place and detours. It easily passes where the path is closed to the car, and it gets to the end point faster as a result.

20. Find like-minded people

All athletes somehow unite in groups and clubs of interest, they have their own "bird language" and slang, understandable only to them, their own jokes and chips.

Cyclists, perhaps, have it developed like no other. They prefer to arrange long bike rides and training races in groups, because it is safer that way. The equipment and maintenance of the "iron horse" makes cycling one of the most difficult, so there are more topics for discussion and consultation for cyclists.

And we did not mention the improvement of vision and skin condition, normalization of appetite, environmental care and other bonuses of regular cycling. But you will quickly see them yourself when you master the "iron horse". Get on your bike and be healthy!

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